Main Products

Main Products

With verified experimental data and technical know how for mixing materials with specific properties, we are capable of providing favorable products addressing any coating technology based on thermal resistance, chemical resistance and plating resistance of the material. Furthermore, we have successfully developed environment friendly solder-resistant inks surpassing all competitors in the industry, winning recognition and customers.

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Develop NEW segment/application aggressively

  • Leverage over 20years R&D experience, utilize global resource of Taiyo group to provide customization service
  • Co-develop with customer, resource sharing
  • Cross industry cooperation, explore new market, open innovation
  • Open up new segment/application aggressively
Develop NEW segment/application aggressively Develop NEW segment/application aggressively

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Technical Information

Technical Imformation1

The basic technology and fundamental development of Taiyo Ink Group is a combination of technologies accumulated through years of experience developing solder resist Inks for printed circuit boards together with countless improvements. These represent the core of the enterprise.
Together with the swift evolution of the electronic industry, printed circuit boards advanced endlessly. In order to get a first hand grasp of the trend, we pioneered research and gathered relevant data of numerous studies about chemical reactions and thermal cure and photoimageable cure technologies.
Based on these technologies, we further explored dispersive technology of organic and inorganic materials, endowing ourselves with the know-how for manufacturing printed circuit boards. These have been a lifeline for the technology and development of the Taiyo Ink Group.

Technical Imformation2

Since TAIYO INK MFG. CO., LTD. set up overseas production subsidiaries, TAIWAN TAIYO INK CO., LTD. has engaged in the R&D of multiple products and become specialized in fundamental technologies including the design and formulation of resin dispersion techniques, filtration/processing know-how, etc.

Such consistent endeavors to pursue technological improvements enabled us taking a leading position in the PCB industry, which rapidly change and require highly precision and reliability. We have successively achieved our goals for highly functional solder resist, securing our leading position in the Solder Resist Ink industry.

Looking ahead, we, Taiwan Taiyo, shall further endeavor to upgrade our technical abilities. Based on the policy of “contribute to the information society via a prompt product development mechanism that meets customer needs”, we will consistently research and develop solder resist Inks for supply to Taiwan and the rest of the world. We also need to further upgrade ourselves to actively face challenges from versatile domains, to research and develop quality products, and to constantly engage with inexhaustible challenges.