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Company Welfare

«Statutory items»
  • ∗ Labor Insurance/Health Insurance/Labor Retirement Pension
  • ∗ Annual leave and other leaves are handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act
«Workplace environment»
  • ∗ Bright and spacious office space (new factory opened in May 2021)
  • ∗ Commute shuttle bus service provided (Taishan/Xinzhuang/Taouyan/High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station)
  • ∗ Parking space available
  • ∗ Commuting allowance (gasoline subsidy for car & motorcycle/Bus,MRT,High-speed rail fares)
  • ∗ Male and female lounges for employees to rest
  • ∗ Nursing room
  • ∗ Open communication channels: Labor-Management Council, Sexual Harassment Committee, Ethics and Compliance Committee (CSR)
«Cash gift / Bonus / Consolation»
  • ∗ Bi-Annual performance appraisal bonus (extra dividend/year-end bonus)
  • ∗ Chinese festivals bonus for Chinese New Year/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumm Festival
  • ∗ Year-start cash gift
  • ∗ Labor Day cash gift
  • ∗ Birthday cash gift
  • ∗ Long-service bonus
  • ∗ Employee wedding/birth cash gift
  • ∗ Funeral condolences for employees and their families
«Leisure / Sport / Health»
  • ∗ Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ Party
  • ∗ Year-end Party
  • ∗ Department recreational expenses grant
  • ∗ Aperiodic recreational competitions (bowling competitions etc.)
  • ∗ Subsidy for social club activities
  • ∗ Company trip (domestic/foreign)
  • ∗ Annual health check
  • ∗ Aperiodic health seminars
  • ∗ Monthly medical consultation service
«Self growth»
  • ∗ Language bonus (Japanese:JLPT/BJT)
  • ∗ Language bonus (English:TOEIC)
  • ∗ Educational training
  • ∗ We have commendation systems to encourage employees with outstanding performance
Company address
No.7, Datong 2nd Rd., Guanyin Industry Park , Guanyin Dist., Taoyuan City 32849, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
Working hours
8:30~17:30 Lunch break: 12:00~13:00
Contact person
Miss Hsu, Yue-Fang
Contact Number
Please send a resume.

Staff Introduction

Chieh Lun Lu
Sales Dept.Sales Sec2.

Chieh Lun Lu2

After joining Taiwan Taiyo, I have been working as a Salesperson for over the past 10 years, along with the growth of PCB market in China and South-East-Asia, the competitor increased, and the competition has become very intense. We highly focus on oversea strategy and service quality. I started to in-charge of oversea market 2years ago and stood at the very front-line of the competition. Take Japan head-quarter as the center and working hard to expand the business together with oversea branch offices, and I feel strong sense of accomplishment by seeing the business grow.

Chieh Lun Lu1

Chih Yuan Hsieh
Techonlogy Development Dept. New Venture Sec.

Chih Yuan Hsieh2

The New Venture Section was established 1yr ago, we mainly working on non-SR product. We need to work from market research, customer requirement survey to product design, development of raw material, it is a highly challenging work with pressure, but I believe these will become very precious experience.

We need to visit customer frequently, and we feel that customer has strong trust on the quality of Taiwan Taiyo Ink. Taiwan Taiyo ink highly focus on quality, this is well known among the customers and employees too. It is not easy to develop competitive product to meet Taiwan Taiyo quality requirement, but I will do my best to achieve it.

Chih Yuan Hsieh1

Tsung Yen Chen
Manufacturing Dept. Compounding Sec. Compounding Team

Tsung Yen Chen2

I work for Production dept Compounding Sec. Our job is to add in the powder, liquid raw material based on formula order and mix together. Due to the required unit is 1g, we need to be very careful not to make any mistake while adding the material. And to avoid any mistake, we need to work tightly together and help each other like family members.

Tsung Yen Chen1

Chia Shan Kuo
Executive Dept. General Affairs Sec.

Chia Shan Kuo2

I am in-charge of general affairs and human resource such as purchasing office equipment and goods, business trip arrangement for colleagues, create application forms, employees tours, year-end-dinner, Mid-Autumn festival BBQ party and etc for colleagues to enjoy non-working time. We hope to create a friendly working environment, to increase the satisfaction and teamwork among colleagues. Taiwan Taiyo has perfect leave system, colleagues can apply maternity leave or long-term parental leave without pay accordingly, these system helps pregnant working women like me to relief worry.

Chia Shan Kuo1